Events : Workshop on ‘Metal 3D Printing using Cladding’

Event Description

Total Automation, viz., automation of (i) process and (ii) process planning, is the first advantage of 3D Printing that helps in the launch of new products ahead of competition. Direct assemblies, non-linear ducts (in axis and cross-section), affordable customization and light objects (through topological optimization with/without lattice structures) are some of its unique geometric capabilities. Apart from a variety of monolithic polymers, metals and ceramics, AM can realize Functionally Gradient Matrix (FGM) in density and composition. These unique ‘geometric’ and ‘matrix’ capabilities make AM one of the most disruptive technologies of this era alongside CAD, 3D Scanning, Smart Phones and Internet of Things (IoT). 3D Printing with the appropriate combination of the allied technologies, referred as Rapid Manufacturing (RM), can produce anything that can be modeled in a computer.

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