Singapore-based medical 3D printing startup Supercraft3D has announced that it has raised $1 million in investments, largely from Binny Bansal, the cofounder of e-commerce platform Flipkart. In addition to Bansal, Supercraft3D has also attracted funds from four other undisclosed angel investors. The new investments will help the start-up to advance its 3D printed medical implants and offer them to the Asian market.

Supercraft3D was founded in September 2016 by Maltesh Somasekharappa and Venkataramana Gorti, who set out to create 3D printing solutions for developing medical models, implants, and surgical instruments. Notably, the startup has placed a focus on creating customized, patient-specific medical devices and models, which are made based on CT scans, MRIs, and even X-rays.

As the company explains, “Using sophisticated hardware and software, we are able to convert traditional X-Ray, MRI, CT and other diagnostic images into clear transparent 3D Models, at a fraction of the cost and in most cases within 24 Hrs. These models are highly accurate and help the doctor to plan a better surgery, as well as the patient to understand his anatomy before undergoing any hospitalization. These models can also act as evidence in any medico-legal situation.”


While we’ve seen companies with similar services pop up around the globe, Supercraft3D is reportedly one of the first Asian companies that will be offering to manufacture customized medical implants made from a high-quality, bio-compatible Titanium alloy. According to the startup, which is registered in Singapore, options are relatively limited for implants within the Asian market, and they are hoping to change that.

“We have started the R&D for patient-specific implants,” commented Somasekharappa. “We (Asians) get very limited choices when it comes to knee implants, for example. We make implants specific to the patient based on age and lifestyle.” Supercraft3D is currently working on obtaining FDA and CE approval for its 3D printed trauma implants.

In terms of its surgical instrument services, the medical supply startup is offering a range of different customized medical tools that can be used for surgical planning or during operations. Clients can specify whether they want their instrument for single or repeated use and can choose from a range of bio-compatible materials.

The funding marks Flipkart’s fifth investment with a medical-oriented company, including Pandorum Technologies, a bio-tech 3D printing company known for developing India’s first 3D bioprinted liver tissue.

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